Tuesday, December 14

Add support to your anti-theft system by using wireless CCTV cameras

When you own a small retail business, the issue of theft always comes up whether you like it or not. Thefts may be internal or external. You may discover lost merchandise (and lost profits as well!) due to employee thefts or due to shoplifters. One or two stolen products may seem petty when taken as an isolated case, but if you have losses recorded every day, then it is time to take action and set up your own CCTV system.

CCTV cameras are effective in revealing who is stealing from your store. The video serves as evidence for the police and a way for you to find the culprit. Static cameras are sorely limited, however, because they can not cover the whole store area.

A good idea is to support your present CCTV system with wireless CCTV cameras attached to your store's lighting fixtures and strategically placed behind your products on the shelves. Wireless CCTV cameras are often used by surveillance teams in police work or by journalists in their exposes.

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