Wednesday, September 29

RFID Tags vs Barcodes

UPC-A barcodeImage via WikipediaAlthough RFID tags serve the same purpose as barcodes, the latter do not present the same security risks as tags that rely on radio waves. A barcode is simply a series of dark vertical lines that vary in thickness and form a pattern of variance as a representation of a combination of letters and numbers.

This unique code can only be read by a barcode scanner, which is nothing similar to RFID scanners and readers. A barcode scanner does not read the information through radio wave signals, but instead scans the code like a photocopier does and matches the pattern to its associated code. A person would have to bring the barcode in contact with the laser eye of the scanner. Thus, barcodes and barcode scanners are maybe safer than RFID tags and readers, although they are not as cool or convenient as RFID.

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