Sunday, September 5

Keep Your Security Devices Working Better Faster Longer

ISAN 2d bar code exampleImage via WikipediaWe are more familiar with the home computer sitting on our study desk than the common industrial computer integrated into our homes, cars, schools, and offices. Examples of this everyday technology that we often take for granted include the control panel for your residential heating system, the biometric scans for home and office security, and the bar code recognition device used in schools and offices.

As computers, they are also vulnerable to virus attacks as well as hardware errors. That is why their manufacturers protect their blueprints and whatever ongoing research and development they have on those security devices.

As end users, we are not excused from developing responsible habits that will keep them functioning longer. We should always remember to disinfect our hands and fingers before using them and we must make sure our hands were dry before we push the buttons or turn the dial.
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