Thursday, September 30

How Cigars Are Made

No wonder cigars are expensive! I have seen a video on how a cigar was hand-made by a worker in Cuba. The tobacco leaves were dried and cut, and then rolled on to a filler, which was formed from a mold for a few days. The leaves were carefully cut and rolled around the filler. The end of the cigar is tightly glued using pectin, which is made from vegetables. The cap and label were glued last.

Some cigar manufacturers use machines to roll the cigars out. However, these cigars are often low grade because they use chopped tobacco leaves as fillers wrapped in paper made from tobacco pulp. They may be cheaper, but the chopped leaves and the paper wrapper change the way these cigars burn.

This is why hand-made cigars are sought after. They have long fillers made from other varieties of tobacco leaves. These cigars exclusively use rolled leaves and often blend different varieties for a richer, more satisfying smoking experience.

Here is a tutorial from on how to roll your own cigar.

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