Wednesday, September 29

Free Document Management System

An example of a document in Google DocsImage via WikipediaWe often hear of Content Management Systems, which we commonly know by their tradenames Wordpress and Blogger, but few bloggers may have used a document management system to manage their downloadable documents, such as PDFs and MS Word files.

I personally have some PDFs, Word docs and even PowerPoint presentations that I made while working with a web optimization company. I would like to share these documents to others who want to learn web optimization on their own. I already created a self-tutorial of sorts at but the content of that tutorial is mostly for the company's use, although I never set the posts to private, believing that knowledge should be shared rather than selfishly hidden away.

Presently, the organization I belong to, Iloilo Bloggers, have been using and sharing documents online using Google Docs. Problem is some of our members use non-Gmail email addresses. Yes, we can share through links but sometimes they don't work at all so we resort to publishing our documents live on the web, which may not be good since we have some confidential info there from our organization's activities.

After searching through the web for free document management systems that we can install on a server, I have chosen one or two that I should test. I think they will provide the much needed privacy and flexibility that we wanted.

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