Friday, August 27

Petite Clothing Tips

Fashion models rarely stand as low as 5 feet. Most of them stand nearly six feet in height with a svelte figure. Their tall lanky frame are perfect for displaying the fashion creations of famous designers. However, not all women are tall and slim.

I am one of those women who are not tall and slim like the fashion models. I only stand as high as 4 feet and 11 inches. I used to dress up in bulky clothes, but not anymore. I learned a thing or two in the past ten years of working in the office where one's fashion sense matters as much as one's professional skills. Here are petite clothing tips for short women:

1. Wear one color from head to toe

If you are petite and you want to look taller, then choose monochromatic clothes. Dressing up in one color makes you look taller than wearing tops and bottoms in different colors.

2. Use wide belts sparingly

Wide belts cut through the monochromatic illusion and widens your torso. Even when your body is slim, wide belts will make you look fat. Instead, wrap thin belts or chains around your waist to accentuate a slim waist, but not destroy the illusion of looking taller.

3. Wear fitted or semi-fitted clothing

Bulky clothes or tops with too much space, such as a loose fitting top, can make you look shorter and wider than you are. You can wear kimono tops as long as they fits your torso. The wide sleeves and cuffs should also be cut to just three-fourths along your arms so you will not look too small in your dress.

4. Select garments with vertical lines and small prints

Vertical designs make you look slim as well as taller. The vertical lines elongate your body. Choose thin lines rather than wide ones. Make sure the design is simple with smaller prints. Big designs, such as flowers and leaves, do not look good with your small frame.

5. Choose smaller handbags

Over-sized bags tend to overwhelm petite women. Choose medium sized handbags or bags that are proportionate to your small stature.

6. Wear garments with either V-shaped or U-shaped necklines

A neckline, which is either u-shaped or V-shaped, elongates the neck and upper torso area. It creates an illusion of height. Do not wear square necklines since this creates a wider area from your neck down.

7. Wear A-line skirts instead of minis

Minis look good on women with long slim legs. Petite women often have wider thighs or calves, which do not accentuate well with a mini. Instead, wear A-line skirts, which cover your thighs and flares out well to flatter your bottom.

8. Choose pants with straight legs

Slim fitting pants or tights do not flatter a short frame. In fact, they make your legs look shorter than they are. Wear pants with straight cut legs. Avoid bell bottoms!

8. Wear high heels or long boots

Wear high heels to add height. However, choose the ones without the ankle strap because it cuts the vertical illusion. Pumps and slingbacks are great choices. Conversely, wear knee-length boots instead of ankle boots to build the illusion of height.

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