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Tips In Cleaning Up The Ceiling Fan

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Honestly, I am not a fan of ceiling fans. They may look good in a room, but cleaning and maintaining them are a headache. Better to leave the cooling to stand fans and natural air flow by installing wide windows and large sliding doors that let the breeze in.

If you are one of those who have a ceiling fan in their rooms, then you already have your work cut out for you. Dusting off the blades is good to prevent buildup of dirt, but a thorough cleaning every two months is needed to keep the fan from wobbling dangerously because of the dirt. Here are a few tips in cleaning your ceiling fan.

First, you must prepare the cleaning materials needed. Get a tall sturdy ladder where you can sit and reach the blades of your ceiling fan. Make sure the fan's switch has been turned off for safety.

Place a roll of paper towel and a spray bottle containing liquid all-purpose cleaner beside you on a ledge or you can attach folded pieces of paper towel and the spray bottle on your work belt for easy reach while cleaning. As an alternative, you can choose to use wet wipes. This eliminates the need for a spray bottle.

Carefully clean the edge of the blades of dirt and dust using the paper towel dampened by the all-purpose cleaner, or the wet wipes. Wipe off the dust a second time from the edge, the top surface, and the bottom surface of the blades.

For a weekly cleanup, you can use a ceiling fan cleaning brush. It is a feather duster attached to a long pole so you can reach the fan's blades. This helps in cleaning out the dust to prevent dirt buildup.

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