Friday, January 8

The Nursing Profession

Group of nurses, Base Hospital #45
Nurses in the Philippines continue to rise in number despite employment restrictions in the United States, in the Middle East and in some European countries. The demand for skilled nurses have stabilized, but the supply continue to grow, making nursing jobs very competitive. As a result, only those with strong credentials and substantial experience are hired.

The nursing students, while in college, are also screened carefully. Universities and colleges make sure their batches of nursing graduates pass their exams and are included in the top ranks of board passers. They also support their graduates by providing them internship experience in well respected medical institutions.

However, because of the lucrative nursing jobs available in foreign countries, many people who have not graduated from nursing and allied medical courses have resorted to taking a second college degree, like nursing or IT, so they can find jobs abroad.

Some have chosen to enroll at 2-year additional courses so they can get a nursing degree. Others who are already working have chosen to study through an online university and get an online nursing degree.

An online nursing degree is accredited by the same agencies in the government and recognized by many employers as a legitimate credential.

Getting an online nursing degree from Western Governors University is as good as getting one from attending an actual university. Registered nurses have the option to study for a Master's Degree in Nursing, specializing either in Education or in Leadership and Management. They also offer a Master's Degree in Healthcare Management

Studying for an online nursing degree may be difficult for those who lack sufficient discipline to study through a module by themselves. It requires the right motivation and a mature attitude towards studying.

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