Friday, January 8

Better Have Your Pet Insured For Travel Fiascos (Just In Case!)

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The holidays have come and gone, but the season for vacations is not finished yet. Soon summer is here and almost everyone (the whole family, in fact) takes off to warmer places.

But, what if you want to bring your beloved pet along, then something bad happens and your pet is injured, or worse, dies while traveling? A friend of mine experienced a tragedy recently. She came home from the States and took her dog with her. The dog was kept in a container in the cargo hold. Unfortunately, the heat was just too much for the dog and it died while in transit.

My friend is now suing the airlines for negligence. She can't get her beloved pooch's life back, but she had the dog's body preserved with a taxidermist for posterity's sake.

A good pet insurance can help protect your pet's safety. The money can pay for better transportation conditions for an animal. It can also ensure the airlines company is held liable for the animal's safety while in transit.

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