Wednesday, December 16

Real Colorado Water?

A segmented panoramic picture overlooking Brec...Panoramic view of Breckenridge, CO. Image via Wikipedia
A new 30-second TV ad for a Breckenridge CO brewery spoofs a Coors commercial, which claimed Coors beer was made from 'real Colorado water.' The Coors ad features Pete Coors, grandson of Adolph Coors, founder of the Molson Coors Brewing Company. He was standing in the Colorado outdoors with snow-capped mountains behind him. He was talking about how Coors beer was made from the snow in the mountains that melt and flow down the slopes. The water from melted snow reaches the brewery and is mixed with the malt and yeast.

The new ad for Lucky U India Pale Ale is similar to the Coors ad with one exception: the spokesperson claims the beer is also made from 'real Colorado water,' but not the water from the stream beside him. "Do you know what bears do in here?" he said.

The Lucky U ad is not saying that Coors taste like what bears do with the water in the stream. It is spoofing the claims of Coors that their beer was made from melted snow. Everyone knows that is unhygienic and unrealistic because the 'real Colorado water' has been purified for human consumption and to pass sanitary standards.

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