Wednesday, October 7

Protect Your Family From Health Risks After A Flood

The recent visits from two typhoons have destroyed so many homes and other properties. Families lost loved ones and had to evacuate to seek refuge in gyms, schools and covered courts.

Those who did not leave their homes continue to live in them despite the flood water surrounding their area. The flood water remains high in some areas, preventing transportation of goods and delaying travel. In fact, authorities say the flood water will remain until December, unless the government can find a way to direct the water somewhere.

The presence of dirty stagnant flood water is a dangerous source of sickness, one of which is dengue. Another malady could be skin diseases. The most common sickness, however, is caused by intestinal bacteria, those infectious organisms that look like corkscrews and spring plungers under a microscope.

Protect your self and your family from intestinal diseases by making sure you only drink distilled water. If the food looks and smells suspicious, throw it out immediately. Whenever you need to go out, always wear protective gear, such as gloves, boots, coats, and hats.

Wash your clothes and other belongings you can salvage from your flooded home. Use strong detergents to get rid of the odor, and disinfect your possessions if possible. Use anti-microbial soaps and lotions to keep the bacteria from infecting your system.

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