Wednesday, October 7

Buy Home Insurance Against Flood Damage

While watching the TV reports of the ongoing onslaught of the two major typhoons in northern Philippines, I felt shock and regret at the loss of life and property of my fellow Filipinos. Some who could afford it probably have a type of home insurance. However, the simple Pinoys surely do not have protection against natural calamities such as Ketsana and Melor.

The sight of an LCD HDTV covered in mud or a Mercedes van being swept away by the flood is heartbreaking sight to see. Losing one's home won't have to be a complete tragedy if the homeowner has a home insurance. The insurance can cover damages to not only the house's structure, but also to personal property and belongings, such as appliances, cars, and clothes.

However, most Filipinos are not well-informed about the benefits of paying a home insurance premium every month. They would rather spend the money on food, clothing and school fees.

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