Thursday, August 20

Fitrum Experiment

EGCG--something I could use right now!Image by espanol via Flickr
After reading all those weight loss supplement reviews, and even after I have spoken passionately about FernSlim's slimming effects, I have begun testing other slimming products in the market today. The most promoted by celebrities are Fitrum (by Judy Ann Santos) and Fitril (by Angel Locsin). First on the block is Fitrum.

Fitrum locally costs Php13.20 per capsule. It has to be taken 3 times a day before 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The reason for the time limit escapes me as of the moment. Perhaps it follows the previous diet fad called "After Six," in which the dieter has to cease eating any solid food after 6 o'clock.

Anyway, I excitedly bought ten, and immediately took one capsule. The next nine will be taken in three days. If, after 3 days, I don't feel any side effects, I'll continue using Fitrum for 3 more days and observe the results.

Fitrum's main ingredients include L-carnitine, which burns fat and increases metabolism, and EGCG, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that deactivates free radical to lessen the odds of cancer, lowers LDL cholesterol levels that reduces the risk of hypertension and prevents a wide array of disease including cardiovascular conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, periodontal disease and dental cavities among others.

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  1. Hi there

    Nice review given for choosing the right kind of weight loss supplement!


  2. Thanks, James. Fitrum is less expensive than Proactol. That's probably why it's not as effective when I used it. I suspect the dieter has to consider body weight and eating habits before choosing a weight loss method.

  3. Hi there

    Fitrum is less expensive than Proactol hope due to this reasons they are not effective


  4. Weight loss supplements are great, but you need a solid diet as well.


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